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The Battle… Search vs. Display

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Here are two opinions on search vs click…

Diplay introduces you to people interested in your market… search catches the buyers. Both are necessary, like the odd couple. What are your thoughts?

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Display ad campaigns can and do work — in an ideal world any advertiser would have both running and highly optimized. In reality, time and monetary constraints often create the need for a decision.

A solid search ad account will always have much higher click-through and con­version rates than display ads, as well as a higher ROI.

For advertisers who need to move a lot of product, display is often a better alternative than search. Display, when done correctly for an advertiser with a strong online con­version strategy, can drive sales in quantities greater than search, with benefits extend­ing past the initial impression. In online DM campaigns, there are three areas that perform consistently well: search, low-cost display on large networks and higher-cost display on targeted premium sites.

Search and display advertising each compete for dollars, eyes and results. Search can lead to a stronger ROI, while display can punch up online conversion. Our experts compare them.
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January 21, 2009 at 11:33 pm

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