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3 Steps for Paid Traffic

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Monetizing Your Website With Low Traffic

1. Choose your market niche
Sometimes the so concentrated, a simple click on a Google ad that you can do $10. The problem is that these opportunities are rare.

2. Create your website/blog properly
If you concentrate on creating your site, really good content, and usually the best practices that may be associated with its web site a good ranking in Google. If you have a ranking on the page 4 or more, you can sell ads on your site, which focus on SEO.

3. Providing paid Reviews
If your site has a blog or a website, which in May to discuss, you can earn money, for comments on your site. Some companies such as PayPerPost reach your network in order to exploit these opportunities. Normally associated with the product information is needed, and in many cases is not the time for a little money. The main requirement is that these sites have decent page rank is to regular updates.

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March 24, 2009 at 12:07 am

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