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Google Cuts Print Ads

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Print is suffering… even the analytics of the internet can’t promote ad sales.

What are your thoughts…

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In the latest in Google cuts, the search leader will shutter its Print Ads service on February 28. More than 800 US newspapers
, use the service, which launched in November 2006.

Google announced the news Monday in a blog
by Spencer Spinnell, director of Google Print Ads.

“While we hoped that Print Ads would create a new revenue stream for
newspapers and produce more relevant advertising for consumers, the product has
not created the impact that we — or our partners — wanted,” he wrote.

“We will continue to devote a team of people to look at how we can help
newspaper companies,” he wrote. “It is clear that the current Print Ads product
is not the right solution, so we are freeing up those resources to try to come
up with new and innovative online solutions that will have a meaningful impact
for users, advertisers and publishers.”

Google to cut Print Ads service
January 21, 2009
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The 7 Keys to Maximizing Profits.

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Our story begins in 1930. Two young brothers, sons of poor Irish Immigrants decide to leave their native New Hampshire. It was the start of the Great Depression, and there was not much opportunity for the brothers, other than working at the shoe factory that their father managed.
These two brothers, unaware of the incredible success that they would have in a few short years, focused their dreams on California. Where, like everyone they wanted to make their stake on the movie business.
Their arrival was nothing fantastic. After some odd jobs at Columbia Pictures (moving lights, etc.), they started their first entrepreneurial venture, operating a movie theater in Glendale, California. Who would have thought that a movie theater just 5 miles outside of Hollywood would fail, but after 4 years, they finally could no longer afford to pay the $100/month rent that was required.
Their first taste of success (no pun intended, as you will soon see) came in 1937. A short distance from their troubles in Glendale, they opened a small Drive-In restaurant in Arcadia, California.
The Airdrome succeeded at the height of the era, where Southern Californians were becoming more dependent on their vehicles, and wanted the convenience of being able to drive up to the restaurant, order from bellhops, receive the meals and eat in their cars, complete with cutlery.
In 1940, they were able to afford to move the restaurant to San Bernardino, California, expand the restaurant and expand their menu to include barbecue beef sandwiches, hamburgers, and more.
The brothers success came from the first key to maximizing profits…
They identified a HOT TARGET AUDIENCE.
You see, there is no need for a supply if there is no demand. It’s like trying to open a golf course in the Arctic Circle.
During this time the brothers continued to grow their business. They were enjoying massive profits and their restaurant was recognized as one of the most successful in the US.
They realized that times were changing, and they wanted to keep with the changes. World War 2 was coming to a close and, being in a working class community, they knew the war time jobs were going to disappear.
They acted on the second key to success which is…
They identified that 80% of their sales were coming from Hamburgers.
They then dug deep and proceeded with the third key…
They knew that their customers wanted affordable food, very quickly.
So they mapped out systems where they narrowed down their menu to be able to reduce their prices. They sold 15¢ hamburgers and 19¢ cheeseburgers, 10¢ fries and milkshakes.
They also created systems where food would be served within 30 seconds.
Gone were the bellhops and the old Airdrome.
They knew the new systems would be able to allow them to work on the fourth key…
They were able to train their staff to focus on the fifth key…
Narrowing the menu enabled them to benefit from the sixth key…
And in 1948, the brothers, Richard and Maurice, re-launched their restaurant.
McDonalds was an immediate success.
So successful that they constantly had people asking about franchising.
In 1954, they teamed up with their former milkshake machine salesman, and 15th franchise owner, Ray Kroc and developed their franchise system, eventually selling their rights to Kroc for $2.7 million and 1% royalties.
This was the final profit strategy…
With over 30,000 locations opened in the last 50 years, there is absolutely no doubt that McDonalds has created the fast food industry.
If the McDonalds brothers were to restart today, they probably would have accomplished more at a faster pace.
The inventions of new technology and the widespread adaption of the internet makes it quicker to interact with your audience, to capture their attention and own it.
In the next sessions we will be breaking down the 7 keys and showing you how they can explode your profits with very little effort.
You’ll also learn how to automate many of your processes and earn profits on autopilot.
You may want to, you may not…
The truth is that these key strategies are universal and will boost your profits whether you want to have 30,000 locations, or work out of your home.
The only thing you require is a pure desire to make more profits with less effort and an open mind to be able to give up some old habits to learn some new, more effective ways of doing business.
Just like McDonalds is no longer just about cheap hamburgers, and has had to learn to adapt to new “healthier choices” and is even currently reinventing their décor. Your business must grow, update and reinvent itself to ensure that it is constantly connecting the right message to the right customer.
Welcome to the 21st century…
The explosive growth of the modern marketing tools (the internet and mobile devices) has transformed the face of the world over the last 10 years.
This growth has been faster than even the growth of television, telephone, and the automobile.
More importantly, it has transformed the most important aspect of our lives…
The way in which we communicate.
These innovations have completely eliminated entire markets.
Gone are Encyclopedias and Photographic Film… and virtually gone are Music Stores, Video Stores, Dictionaries, Postal Mail, Brochures, Flea Markets.
Completely transformed are Mail Order, Phone Service, the Entertainment industry, and Retail business as a whole.
Bill Gates gave the most accurate description when he said…
In the future there will be two types of business… those that are on the internet, and those that are out of business.

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